Coffee, Coffee, Coffee…

It’s the holidays and I haven’t posted in a while. I kept saying “I’m going to post this” and then I don’t remember until I’m already in bed! But I wanted to share with you something cute. I get inspiration for things all around me, including family, friends and their friends. I had noticed a… Continue reading Coffee, Coffee, Coffee…

What Is Self-Care?

  Self-care is something I don’t think I knew about until at least six years ago, maybe even longer. Maybe it’s also something I’ve been doing all my life. Maybe it just didn’t have a term until recently. I am an only child of a single mother. I had to do a lot of things… Continue reading What Is Self-Care?

Respect and Dreams

There are certainly different kinds of respect. Or what you think of as respect. Respect can come from wealth, money, or power–and yah that kind of respect can be nice. There is the respect that comes with authority; whether a business or in a family setting. Respect should definitely go along with love. But what… Continue reading Respect and Dreams

Who I Am (With Pictures)

Art and Photography are big part of who I am. Film photography was the start I think. Something about experimenting with different kinds of film in different settings. Infrared black and white film is definitely a favorite. It can be so exciting yet can also be relaxing. Now I do different mediums and learning more… Continue reading Who I Am (With Pictures)