So I’ve had a few sessions with the therapist now and to be honest, I’m not sure whether it’s helping me or not. It’s hard to have to sit down and talk to someone one-on-one about little details of your life. Stuff that maybe I’ve told a dozen people in my lifetime—and not necessarily… Continue reading Talking…


  I’m sitting here watching videos on YouTube about following your dreams, how to find your “passion” and clicking around to different things and I find this one person speaking about Millennials and companies leadership skills and how they’re lacking to empower their workers of that generation. He describes Millennials as young adults from ’84… Continue reading Perception

A Helping Hand

  Going it alone. For some I don’t think it’s possible. If you were truly going it alone, I think you’d be like my fantasy living situation: In a cave, with good internet, never seeing anyone in person. Silly but that’s the way I feel. When I was a kid I was alone a lot.… Continue reading A Helping Hand

What Is Self-Care?

  Self-care is something I don’t think I knew about until at least six years ago, maybe even longer. Maybe it’s also something I’ve been doing all my life. Maybe it just didn’t have a term until recently. I am an only child of a single mother. I had to do a lot of things… Continue reading What Is Self-Care?

The Mooch Friend

A friend I guess I’m closest to (as far as how well she knows me and in other ways how close she lives to me compared to friends I’ve made who live out of state & even different countries) asked if I’m staying in my apartment another asked month. I basically told her what I’d… Continue reading The Mooch Friend