Learning New Things…

So yes, learning new things. It’s good for your brain. It can stave off Alzheimer’s. It can keep my anxious brain busy for a bit so I don’t keep worrying incessantly about my situation. Sometimes I feel like it’s my parents traits kicking in. My mom tried to learn several different languages. She learned French… Continue reading Learning New Things…

Why I Hate Talking about Weight

People can talk and talk about weight and what’s considered fat/skinny and everyone will argue and hate you and I don’t even want to go there. But if it’s a HEALTH issue my stupid brain can’t help but butt in. And usually a complete stranger with a stick up their butt is the one to… Continue reading Why I Hate Talking about Weight

What’s Stress Got To Do With It?

I’ll tell you. I’m not sure if you guys can tell but I am a pretty open person. At least I try to be. In the past it could come back to bit me in the butt. So I had decided to keep things to myself more often, even if it eats me up inside… Continue reading What’s Stress Got To Do With It?

Financial & Social Status

Notes: A post from back in 2012 on my Facebook about financial  & social status. To give you a little insight, I worked in basically a big store that sold clothes, candy, toys, games etc. At that time I was mostly doing back stock work. As I mentioned in my first blog, I got ill… Continue reading Financial & Social Status