To Friend Or Not To Friend?

That has always been my question it seems. This one is certainly a hard one to write. I’m not sure I’ve ever been good friend. I think my mom even bought me a book about how to make and keep friends. Can’t say it was easy at the times I’d started a new school. I… Continue reading To Friend Or Not To Friend?

The Golden Rule

Notes: Also from 2012. Must have been a feisty year for me. Haha. People just do not have manners anymore. So I’m thinking why should I? Why should I be kind/generous/forgiving to people when others are not to me? Even opening to door for others, throwing something in the trash instead of tossing it on… Continue reading The Golden Rule

Good Vs. Bad

Notes: Wrote this one back in 2012. So, I get a phone call from a friend…and she tells me some good and bad things about certain goings on at work. Basically that though others take shortcuts while doing their work and do stuff lazily.  Everyone complains about it but it doesn’t change. She and at… Continue reading Good Vs. Bad

Why Don’t You Have Kids?

Notes: Something I wrote on my Facebook back in 2012 concerning everyone assuming I know nothing about kids because I don’t have any.  So I ranted a bit. “You’ll understand when you have kids.” That’s the nice way of saying it. And you can shove it up your rear, thank you very much. People shouldn’t… Continue reading Why Don’t You Have Kids?

Who I Am (With Pictures)

Art and Photography are big part of who I am. Film photography was the start I think. Something about experimenting with different kinds of film in different settings. Infrared black and white film is definitely a favorite. It can be so exciting yet can also be relaxing. Now I do different mediums and learning more… Continue reading Who I Am (With Pictures)

Financial & Social Status

Notes: A post from back in 2012 on my Facebook about financial  & social status. To give you a little insight, I worked in basically a big store that sold clothes, candy, toys, games etc. At that time I was mostly doing back stock work. As I mentioned in my first blog, I got ill… Continue reading Financial & Social Status

My Mind: The Crazy Mess.

Despite what my friends and family think, I was a rather shy kid. Heck, I’m still pretty shy. Dad tried to get me into piano lessons, but I didn’t like the teacher. Hey, I was four! When I was older, I did a few modeling, dancing & singing classes. Still if they asked me to… Continue reading My Mind: The Crazy Mess.