Job Hunting Stinks

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Job hunting stinks. Maybe it’s the anxiety talking but it’s never been my favorite thing to do. Public speaking is easier than an interview to me. Again I’m not fond of talking about myself. Obviously something I’m working on.

I’ve been filling out job applications. I’m limited by the distance because I don’t have a car. The buses don’t run very late either. Which baffles me in any city because people work 7 days a week and some even work at night and should be able to have steady, safe & reliable transportation. Buses are cheaper than other forms of transportation like taxis.

Since most of my seventeen years of job experience is sales I seem to only be able to get sales jobs. Which would be fine if they paid enough. Sales jobs are usually bottom of the barrel pay wise. Unless you have one that pays commission. I’m not fond of speaking in public I needed money so there you go.  Most jobs I’ve had in sales the only way to move up is to become a lead/trainer/manager. At my longest job when they kept sending me to sales instead of stock so they wouldn’t have to pay us the fifty-cents more an hour, I got trained in the art section that didn’t pay more but you got to spend more time with customers and sometimes just was left alone cleaning or restocking. The other job I got trained in was only twenty-five cents more but was a similar situation. At this last job there were so many other departments I could even just try for six months. Some didn’t pay more but again you spent more time with customers and had more off time. Sounded pleasant to me!

Unemployment is no help this time. They think I quit my job. The one tiny check I got from them they want back. For some reason people like them can’t comprehend someone losing a telecommuter job due to lack of proper internet connection. Or that I didn’t exactly have a choice where I moved since I’m alone, poor and my credit isn’t great. Neither did the job. Nowadays I find it hard to believe that a large city doesn’t even have high-speed DSL. I mean DSL is old compared to fiber optics or cable. They do here, just didn’t expand the service when the city built up. So there aren’t enough “ports” for the amount of apartments here. The one company here has told me this four times now so I’m sure about that info. For my personal internet I got satellite, which was a mistake but the only thing available. It has data caps, a monthly fee for the dish and for a service fee. What started out as $58 turned into $75. If you cancel within two years the cancellation fee can be astronomically high. Somehow it’s automatically deducting from my account every month though I can’t see a place on the site to turn it off. I would tell anyone to not use these types of services service if there are better options out there. Unless you only check your email and are ok with low speed DSL at 3mbps. My job needed at least 7mbps. Even if I had gotten the unemployment, I’d need four times that to pay the bills I have.

I applied for CalFresh too. Supposedly I’m going to get something. In this county that’s all I’ll get. They don’t do cash help for someone who doesn’t have kids. Same with the job training/placement. I told myself long ago I wouldn’t put a kid through this. So with absolutely no funds coming in I have no way to pay my bills next month.

Ironically I see other telecommuter jobs available but since I cannot acquire the connection I need I’m stuck. If I somehow had the money to move, I’m not sure I could guarantee to not have the same problem elsewhere. Or if I do manage to get the correct connection, to get that job I had back. Unless I moved closer which was too expensive or got a car which I have no money for.

One thing I was finding interesting was the blogging jobs that required travel. I found a few articles here on WP about it. That would require some fund saving on my part, buying a laptop and portable wireless internet service, finding someone to watch my bunny, and well packing up my belongings in storage. Would be pretty perfect for me since I most likely will be homeless at the end of this month. The thought of traveling alone frightens me. I was telling someone I had always imagined travelling with friends or a spouse. But it seems like if I had the funds and equipment; it would be something fun and new to do in the future maybe. It’s just that right now all I can think about is what will become of me if I lose it all.


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